Devan Horton is an emerging Northern Kentucky artist who creates oil paintings to call attention to the ongoing issue of waste in our culture. Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Northern Kentucky University, Devan has crafted and promoted her artistic career by exhibiting in local and national galleries as well as by undertaking entrepreneurial endeavors, for example, a series of pop-up galleries and shows named “Perennial” in her hometown of Covington. While brainstorming her next project, Devan frequently turns to nature. In order to assist in the cultural shift in mindset that she feels imperative, she even more frequently focuses on the more unpleasant realities of nature in our current times. This shift in mindset can manifest internally or as a larger call-to-action. Devan’s most recent work fetishizes our relationship with trash in hopes to convince others that even with the endless social and economic issues compounding around us, our planet is always of the utmost importance, and we, as a species, must work together to preserve its beauty for generations to come.