artist's statement

Nature has always inspired my work in both concept and form, therefore the majority of my pieces are environmentally centered and are about naturally occurring phenomena and behaviors. With that said, the direction of my work has seen an evolution. Where the focus was once on live subjects such as swarms of animals, insects, and plants in order to portray an active idea, I slowly transitioned into making work about dead matter and elimination. Today, my work discusses themes of rebirth by portraying new life growing from the source of fallen trees. Pulchritudinous is a series of fungi paintings that displays the sheer variety of species and beautiful patterns that hail solely from our local area. Fungus has never been revered for being beautiful, but by taking a closer look at these magnificent recyclers, the viewer is forced to see the intricate patterns and wide spectrum of color that was there all along. Even the word Pulchritudinous is an ugly term at first sight, but quite literally means “something of great physical beauty”. By playing with techniques that make objects appear more attractive, all of my work revolves around a change in perspective by viewing that which we look at negatively in a new light. By questioning and altering our perceptions of beauty, these works open our minds to accept the nontraditional.


                                       2015              BFA in Painting, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

                                       2015              Study Abroad, Florence and Rome Spring 2015,

                                   Northern Kentucky University

Selected Exhibitions

2017:             Group Exhibition, Caza Sikes Gallery, Holiday Show, Cincinnati, OH

2017:             Group Exhibition, Lux Gallery, Holiday Pop-up, Covington, KY

2017              Group Exhibition, Silverwood Park, Saint Anthony, MN

2017:              Solo Exhibition, Perennial: Small Space, Covington, KY

2017:              DIY Group Exhibition, Perennial, Covington, KY

2017:              Group Exhibition, 2017 International Painting Competition, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR

2017:              Group Exhibition, Annual Evandale Art Exhibition, Evendale, OH

2017:              Group Exhibition, New Beginnings, Louisville Grows Healthy House, Louisville, KY

2017:              Solo Exhibition, Erlanger Kenton County Library, Erlanger, KY

2016:              Group Exhibition, Portland Art and Heritage Fair Exhibition, LVA Gallery, Louisville, KY

2016:              Group Exhibition, Forces of Nature, Artifact Gallery, Newport, KY

2016:              DIY Group Exhibition, Kalopsia, Covington, KY

2016:              Group Exhibition, Annual Evandale Art Exhibition, Evendale, OH

2016:              Group Exhibition, Art and Science, Indiana University East, Richmond, IN

2016:              Group Exhibition, Small Works Show, Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West, FL

2015:              Senior Exhibition, Impinged series, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

2015:              Group Exhibition, LexArts, Kentucky Works on Paper, Juried Art Show, Lexington, KY

2015:              Group Exhibition, The Greenwich Jazz Club, Cincinnati, OH

2015:              Student Exhibition, LexArts, University Open juried art show, Lexington, KY

2014:              Student Exhibition, Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, Covington, KY

2014:              Collaborative Project, Giuseppe’s Botticelli Staircase Mural, Covington, KY

2014:              Group Exhibition, Hyde Park Art Show, Scholarship Recipients, Cincinnati, OH

                       (with Sculptor Adam Schmidt)

2014:              Student Exhibition, Emerging Artist Juried Show,

                      Phyllis Weston Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

                                        2014:              Solo Exhibition, Gypsy’s Café, Covington, KY

2013:              Student Exhibition, Northern Kentucky University’s Juried

                       Art Show, Highland Heights, KY


                                        2015               Northern Kentucky University Art Scholarship, Highland Heights, KY

                                        2014               Hyde Park 48th Annual Art Show Scholarship, Cincinnati OH


2017:              NKY Tribune, Nine Local Artists Transform Empty Covington Property into Temporary Art Gallery With                                'Perennial' April 2017


2017:              Louisville Visual Art, "Artebella Vignette" January 2017

2016:              Professional Artist Magazine, May 2016

2015:              Loch Norse Magazine, Cover-image, pages 15 and 23, August 2015

2014:              South Kenton Recorder, “Hyde Park Art Show Honors NKU Students”, Independence, KY,

                       Print, page 5, October 2014.

2014:    , Nancy Curtis, “Two NKU Art Students Win Exclusive Art Show Scholarships”,

                       Cincinnati, OH September 2014 students/16118919

Professional experience

                                         2017:              Curator for DIY Gallery, Perennial: Small Space

                                                                625 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY

                                         2017:              Curator for DIY Exhibition, Perennial

                                                                18 East 5th Street, Covington, KY

                                         2016:              Curator for DIY Exhibition, Kalopsia

                                                                39 West Pike Street, Covington, KY

                                         2015:              Assistant Teacher for Lisa Jameson.                                                                                   

                                                                Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY